Friday, May 20, 2011

5 Hot Trends For 2011 Weddings

  1. Inside or Outside - Indoor weddings are taking the season off hello the great outdoors! Rustic winter weddings are a must have, and once spring has sprung take the party outside for a more relaxing romantic event. 
  2. Let Them Eat Cake - The wedding cake table is a 2011 trend in itself it should be the focal point of the reception bold yet simple. That being said, take things back to basics when it comes to cake this season. Replace fondant with butter cream. Replace sugar flowers with real flowers. 
  3. DIY - The Do-It-Yourself concept is a trend that is here to stay and is one of the BIGGEST trends of the 2011 Wedding Season. Is there anything more heart warming at a reception than incorporating handmade elements from the bride and the groom?
  4. Simple is Best - Huge centrepiece should be replaced with small votives of wildflowers or candles. Mason jars and tea tins will add a simple rustic feel to your event. 
  5. Every Detail Counts - 2011 is all about details from large to small. From stationary to attire to flowers to place settings colour palettes and a simple chic are key. 
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