Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Best Man Wedding Toast Etiquette

Wedding tradition states that the only required toast at the wedding reception is that of the best man. Where to begin, what to say, how much to say.... the list of questions is endless. Here are a few simple tips for writing the dreaded best man toast.

  1. Remember a toast is not a speech! Keep it short and simple. 
  2. If you aren't funny now isn't the time to be try being jovial. The most important element of the toast is sincerity. Speak from the heart, those are the memories and moments that are appreciated by all.
  3. Keep things G rated. Now is not the time to reminisce about pasty glory days. 
  4. The best man toast is about the couple and their new endeavour as husband and wife, it's not just about your relationship to the groom.
  5. Remember to write and practice your toast. "Winging it" after a few glasses of Champagne never turns out the way you hear it in your head.

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